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CEO of The HVAC Guys Ana Rivera Holds Annual Workshop for Small Businesses in La Habra

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

CEO of The HVAC Guys Ana Rivera Holds Annual Workshop for Small Businesses in La Habra

As a women in business in a male dominated industry, The HVAC Guys Chief Operating Officer Ana Rivera has earned the reputation of being goal oriented, task driven and able to accomplish anything she sets her mind to - so it's no surprise that she's also asked by local small business groups and women led organizations to conduct workshops to help others align their visions and goals.

Using a popular concept of creating Vision Boards, a concept that has grown hugely in popularity over the last few years helped by celebrities who swear by them like Oprah, Katy Perry and Beyoncé - Ana took on the tasks to help others achieve their big vision!

So what is a vision board anyway?

What is a Vision Board? A vision board is a visualization tool of your biggest goals and dreams created with pictures, words, and other items, typically on a cork board or poster board. I love my vision board because it gives me a daily visual reminder to work hard towards my goals and dreams.

A vision board is a creative process to set clear intentions and goals for what you want in your life, so you can grow and transform yourself.

What is the purpose of making a vision board?

A Vision Board is a collage of images and words that that you should display in a prominent place to remind you WHY you do what you do every day; images and words that spark your motivation and remind you of your values, goals, or dreams.

Check out our last Vision Board workshop:



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